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Siame Lab, University Of Pau, France

SIAME laboratory has a capacity of expertise and an unique knowledge in France in the field of pulsed high-voltage generators, either in their realization or their implementation. The most significant achievements are :

- A 25kV-60ps-500Hz generator dedicated to a mine detection project
- A Marx generator 300kV-250ps-200Hz developed for electromagnetic interference in partnership with Thales
- A Marx generator 250kV-15ns 100Hz contained in a volume close to 8 liters for the CEA
- An autonomous radiated device based on the concept of pulse resonant transformer 600kV/20Hz developed in partnership with the French Ministry for Defense, the CEA and Hi Pulse company.

OPR have been tested to have positive time gain (ΔT), which is the basis of enhanced efficiency of an ESE lightning conductor

SIRIM EMC Compliance Test

Tested to IEC61000-4-5 EMC standard compliance



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