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Integrated Machine Controller

Tact times improved by high-speed processing, maintainability and traceability improved by batch control of information & high-grade automation achieved by optimal control



Optimal Motion Control

MP3300 turns your problems into opportunity! Delivers high-speed and high-level performances and expands program capacity. Capable of high-speed, synchronized comunication with MECHATROLINK-III compatible servo drives and AC drives.


An Engineering Tool enables easy setup and easy creation.

The Mechatrolink-II Motion Network is supported. ∑-V Servo Drives for both Rotary and Linear Servomotors can be connected. Communications for the MA-Manager Engineering Tool are automatically set up on the PC for easy connection to the MA100.

MP2100 series

Board Type Machine Controller MP2100/MP2100M

- Motion API for easy programming of motion control
- Up to 3 racks of MP2200 base units, which can contain a total of 24 additional modules, with the MP2100MEX on the MP2100M

Maximum Number of Controllable Axes
MP2100 16 axes
MP2100M 32 axes

MP2200 series

It is a Module-Type Machine Controller

- Customizable module type machine controller
- Wide selection of modules (motion control modules, I/O modules, communications modules)

Maximum Number of Controllable Axes
MP2200 Motion Control Module x16(max) 256 axes

MP2300S series

All-in-one type Machine Controller MP2310/MP2300S/MP2300

- Wide selection of modules
- Simplified operation for startup
- Applicable for open networks (Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, CC-Link, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, FL-net)
- With Ethernet port (100 Mbps) (MP2310/MP2300S)
- Synchronization of distributed systems with MECHATROLINK (MP2300S)



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