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Living space temperature sensor - STR series
The STR range of room temperature sensors comprises a series of wall modules optimised for public facilities such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and shopping malls. Their attractive appearance and well-designed interface make them suitable for any contemporary building. They are easy to operate and install.

STR wall modules are mounted directly onto the wall or a back-box/J-box
and the base plate is designed to be compatible with any global fixing method.

Room controller with integrated PIR motion sensor - SE7000
Whether a building is a retrofit project or green field construction, Schneider Electric’s SE7000 Room Controllers deliver the most cost competitive and high performance in-room control solutions.

The SE7000 Series Room Controllers can be equipped with an integrated passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor for demand based occupancy control, that opens up new opportunities in smart energy management

Digital fan coil thermostat for hotel application - TC300
The TC300 series networking digital fan coil thermostat is designed for temperature control in industrial, commercial and household environments.

The thermostat improves comfort and saves energy by comparing the room termperature with the desired setting. This information is used to control the fan coil unit.

Electro-mechanical thermostat controller - TC103
The Electro-mechanical thermostat controller TC103 makes it easy to read green setpoint marking indicates the energy saving range.

Living space room controller

Immersion temperature sensor (pocket type) - STP series
The STP300 is an electronic immersion temperature transmitter that
converts a measured temperature into an electronic current signal 4-20

The STP300 is designed for immersion mounting in pipe systems with
a separate pocket (well).

The transmitter is intended for measurement of high and low temperatures. It is connected with a 2-wire cable, which serves both as
power supply and for signal transmission. The reading of the measured
signal is done over an external load resistance.



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